Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dr. McDreamy - Six Sentence Sunday

Six Sentency Sunday is a day where published or nonpublished authors share six sentences from their work. I will share six sentences (or a few more) from my newest WIP, Frequent Flyer. In this scene, Hope is leaving Dr. Colin Calaway's office after getting her cast off. 

Why was she acting like a schoolgirl who didn’t know what to do? I’m a strong, independent woman. Get it together, Hope. Stand up straight, one foot in front of the other. Think of Dr. Mcdreamy later, not in front of him for goodness sake. “So, I’ll see you Saturday. And thanks…I mean Thank you.”
He lifted a corner of his mouth, the dimple calling her name. “My pleasure.” He opened the door and left the room without looking back.

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  1. Love the dimple calling her name line! Great 6! I think I need to go to the doc now ;)