Sunday, July 8, 2012

Love at first bite... Six Sentence Sunday

Six Sentency Sunday is a day where published or nonpublished authors share six sentences from their work. I will share six sentences (or a few more) from my newest WIP, Frequent Flyer. In this scene, Hope ran into Colin and his son, Jason, at Luigi's Pizza.  

Colin scooted the basket closer to Hope, “Want an appetizer?”
     “Thanks. I’m starving.” She took a breadstick, brushing her fingers against his.
A deep flutter fell across his belly. Wow! It’d been awhile since he felt that. He smiled at her as she took a bite and noticed her look around the room, anywhere but him. He was sure she felt the rush too. 

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  1. I love a little belly flutter! So sweet and romantic, and full of excitement! Great 6!

  2. Very sweet and romantic!! When it happens, you simply can not ignore it!! Thanks for sharing! I loved it!!