Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hashtags for Writers

I started to use Twitter as a writer a few months ago. I am still learning as there is no limit to all that we can do. So, this post is for those of you who are new to using Twitter, in particular, hashtags. Those tech savvy people may want to skip this, since it may bore you to tears. 

When I used Twitter as a writer rather than a personal user, I noticed more #hashtags. First, what are hashtags? Hashtags are keywords used to categorize tweets prefixed with a hash or pound symbol (#). Some tweets are full of hashtags and I am still learning what the point of that is. However, I decided to do some research about which hashtags are useful to a writer. Here are the ones I like:

#wip work in progress

#ww or #writerwednesday

Example of #amediting tweets:
Trying to take a day off is harder than just working. But those spare ribs won't grill themselves tomorrow... 
Wow. I am still editing. I can't believe it's 10pm. I just love reading this book! It's the best kind of work!! 

Hashtags are also a way to increase views of your tweets and possible new followers. Another cool feature of using hastags is an agreed upon chat time. One of my favorites is Monday nights between 7-9pm  #mancandymonday. I found this doc with an exhaustive list of chats about any subject. Check it out! 

Additionally, I discovered What an awesome tool for a social networker. Again, I am new to this. However, I recently discovered that you can create a column in Tweetdeck using a hashtag that you reference a lot. For instance, if I want to see #writetip comments only, those tweets are shown that have the hashtag. See below:

In the end, I believe using hashtags is a useful way for a writer to find advice, connect with other writers and find new followers. Try it out!

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  1. Mel~

    Thanks for teaching me something new! I use TweetDeck and didn't know I could create a column for a hashtag. Thanks :)

  2. Great post, Melinda! I always have a tough time knowing what hashtags to use. It's great to see a list of acceptable ones. Thanks!

  3. Well done - I'm familiar with the use of hashtags now but for the longest time couldn't figure out why folks on Facebook prefaced words with the # symbol. :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  4. I've just started using Twitter to help promote my art. It's a little hard for me to get into...mainly because I'm a chatter box and 140 characters is hard to condense my thoughts into. Also, I tend to get excited about a new follower only to find out it's one of those spam accounts featuring some bimbo in the "porn" industry. Gross.

    Thank you though for the post about the hashtags! I've been confused about those and this gave me great insight to help increase my audience. Let's just hope it's legit people who see them! ;)

  5. Priceless... I am still getting used to Twitter so thanks very much...xx

  6. I'm new to Twitter as well and I recently began using TweetDeck. Love it! I'm making a new coloumn. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. There are some hashtags there that I haven't come across before :) Thanks Melinda!

  8. Thanks for this info. I've been trying to compile a hashtag list too. You may want to add: #IAN1 (Indie Author Net 1); #indie; #author

    I'm had luck using all three of the above.