Monday, August 6, 2012

Who reads my blog?... Monday Funny

Has something like this happened to you? It seems like any mistake we make, it is overly noticed. However, anything else we do is ignored.  This especially reminds me of when I am teaching in the classroom. If I misspell a word on the board (and yes! It happens), there is always a student who will let me front of everyone else knows how smart they are to catch a mistake from a teacher. My response is always, "I knew that. I was wondering who would catch it. Great job!"

My blogging days are slowing down. I've had a wonderful summer full of writing activities that I will never have time to do again until next summer. School begins for teachers in a week and I will be back onto my regular schedule of craziness. I hope you continue to watch my Monday Funnies and any other post I have time to write. 

Happy Monday,


  1. I'll still be stopping by...promise :) Good luck with the new school year. Thank you for your dedication to helping our youth.

  2. haha - this is too true. I always read and re-read all my blog posts cause I know it won't be commented on if it's right. Mess up? I'm dead meat. LOL

    Good luck with going back to school! I hope you have a productive year with super-smart kids that don't comment on your spelling errors.