Monday, July 16, 2012

Word Choice Funny - Happy Monday

Word Choice - choosing words that make your writing a masterpiece. 

How do you choose the best words for your writing? Do you just write and then later go back and edit the words or are you one of those brilliant writers who has a dictionary/thesaurus embedded in your brain and the right word comes when summoned?

As I work on my newest WIP, I can tell when I am having a bad day. I use and reuse the same words or phrases all the time. Here are my favorites this week:

Come on! 
Why all my characters are saying this is beyond me!
I promise to try not to use this anymore as a tag. My characters are just happy!
I was just saying...
I don't even know where or why this came about.

As I came upon today's Monday funny topic, I decided this was the BEST video to show in honor of WORD CHOICE. I could not stop laughing for 5 full minutes after watching this commercial. Be forewarned - language advisory!

Hope you %#"[^@ ENJOYed it! Thanks for stopping by,


  1. Dang, I'll have to watch the video later on at home. Blocked at work. :(

    I have to do a scan on the word "that" for all my writing (I way over use that word).

    1. You have got to watch it! Probably it's blocked because of their specific word choices, but it's funny!

  2. Oh, Melinda! Funny stuff! I wouldn't do that for a Bud, but hey, to each their own :-)

    I discovered a word on the last read-through of my novel that surprised me - little. They had little everything! I don't know why. Had to do a search and get rid of them all though.

  3. Yeah, I wouldn't do it for a Bud, either, but I thought it was hilarious! I don't even curse much...

    At least you caught that you use "little" too much. Too often, I don't even notice the repeated words until I have critters point it out and I'm like, DUH!

  4. This is too funny :) I curse something terrible, so this was just awesome. And oddly enough, I tend to overuse that four letter F word way too much. It's just so versatile. Love it <3